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Monday, July 31, 2017

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The Neymar saga continues
According to The Sunday Times, Neymar's father has asked PSG to delay transfer negotiations until after today (31st July) in order that he earn a massive £23million loyalty bonus.

Spanish publication Sport also believe this to be the case and claimed that should Barcelona make said payment to Neymar Snr, they will have paid him more since 2013 than Lionel Messi.
The bonus in question was agreed as part of the last contract 

Neymar Jnr signed last October and if true, gives a closing answer as to whether you really can buy loyalty, with it widely reported that PSG will make their mega-money move in the next few days.
Technically, bonuses owed to Messi over the next few years mean that he will still earn far more than Neymar Snr but the numbers are still fairly astonishing for a club whose senior management has been heavily criticised by supporters for recent off-field matters.

Barcelona beat Real Madrid 3-2 in Miami on Saturday night with Marca alleging that Neymar spent 15 minutes in the Real Madrid 
dressing room after the match to "say goodbye".
A video on the same site appears to show Neymar discussing something with Marcelo which the Real Madrid man finds particularly interesting. What could it be?! (Source: The telegraph)


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